12 Faddu Photo Shots Taken By Smart Photographer, Mind Blowing


Many of us or our some friends found of to click photographs at any place in most of the time. Many are enthusiastic about the photography and clicks as many photographs as he can. In this, some of pictures taken by them looks to be taken coincidentally.

Many times due to coincidence we are able to click some perfectly timed photographs which generally correlate the guy in photograph with something nearby things.

Let’s start and see 12 mind blowing pictures which are taken at right moments and results are very funny:

(12) This man successfully transfer the food directly from his mouth to the Bird mouth.


(11) This picture is taken at perfect time when cat trying to see outside of the shopping bag.

(10) Matching-Matching !!

(9) After seeing this picture, it looks that this lady is with her x-ray bag !!

(8) In this picture, Old man on right side looks to have women’s body.

(7) Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai…Muh Me Lega Kya BC ??


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