10 Countries Where Rupee Will Make You Feel Rich


The first thing click to our mind when we are preparing for tour to any foreign destination is expense. That how much money we need for our travel plan and we set it according to our capabilities.

Just before starting of our journey we have to exchange Indian Rupee with the equivalent destination country currency, So that we can easily pay for bills or other expenses in that country.

It is the general perception among people that if they travel abroad then they need to invest lots of rupee as they always feels that most of the foreign countries are expensive.

But this is not always true, if you are talking about the countries like USA, UK, Australia then it is true because these countries have very strong currency value than the rupee. But there are many other countries out there whom currency value is not strong as rupee.

Here we are listing 10 countries (Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Colombia, Cambodia, Paraguay, Laos, Zambia,  Indonesia, Vietnam) with lower currency value than Indian Rupee:

(10) Sri Lanka (1 INR =2.35309 LKR)

Temple of the tooth of Buddha, Kandy, SriLanka (Via)

(9) Costa Rica (1 INR =8.80213 CRC)


(8) Mongolia (1 INR =37.7038 MNT)


(7) Colombia (1 INR =45.3516 COP)


(6) Cambodia (1 INR = 62.5467 KHR)


(5) Paraguay (1 INR = 86.4906 PYG)


(4) Laos (1 INR =127.723 LAK)


(3) Zambia (1 INR = 148.004 ZMK)


(2) Indonesia (1 IND= 207 IDR)


(1) Vietnam (1 INR =348.362 VND)


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Note: All Exchange Rates May Differ With Time. All Exchange Rates Equivalent To Indian Rupee Is According To 11th-Oct-2017.

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