14 Funny But Smart Animals You’ve Not Seen Before


Many of us having some pets animals at any point of time in our life or if not then we may find such animals on our friends or relatives place. In most of the cases, the pet animals are cute and pretty intelligent too.

Today we’re going to talk about animals who not only looks adorable but intelligent and incredibly smart. The pictures below prove this…

Let’s start and see the 14 pictures of smart and intelligent animals that will tickle your funny bone…

(1) Thirsty crow taking water via spout.


(2) Even this monkey get to use waterproof smartphone while i’m stuck on features phone.


(3) This dog looks to be multi-talented. he performing sweepers job with in Impressive way.


(4) This cat grabs the mouse and perform some work on owner’s laptop.


(5) Do you know that the Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They fascinate scientists and IQ observers at many occasions. In the below image, it looks that the elephant drawing the picture of their some family member using trunk.


(6) This cow decided to ride in Bus. And that’s why she is entering into bus as a one of the passenger.

(7) This dog having the ability to balance himself in stunning way. 

(8) Elephant sitting on a chair,, having some relaxation.

(9) Elephant in cloths, very rare and amazing.

(10) This is not the any simple dog but a dog having designation of traffic cops.

(11) Lovely picture, An owner with his intelligent dog riding on scooter.

(12) Bear on bicycle with Magician in happy mode.

(13) Three+One, Monkey smartly sit on the most back part of bike and grab his ahead one passenger for security measures.

(14) You may be aware with Darwinian evolutionary theory “Survival of the Fittest”. Means only fittest one is able to survive in this abruptly changing universe.

So be prepare for any abrupt change in your lifestyle otherwise you lost the race of life. Its harsh truth but at-least its true. So make yourself ready for any such situations in any part of your life.

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