14 Terrible Indian Names Which You Won’t Believe That They Are Exist


We Indian’s are well aware with the dialogue “Naam Mei Kya Rakha Hai Bhavannao Ko Samamjho”. But I bet you, after reading this article you will say that who the hell named them. Of course in most of the cases, these names are unintentionally created as no parent’s want embarrassing moment for their child.

Name has nothing to do with personality but unfortunately it builds the perception about you among others who never meets you and know only your names.

In your daily life out there you may also counter with some unfortunate names who looks weird and funny. In this universe estimated 7 billion people are out there and each and every one is identified with their names and facial formation or via DNA. Eventually, name is the basic term using which we use to called someone and others used to react accordingly.

Let’s have a look on these 14 most bizarre Indians names:

(1) Funny One

(2) I can say at this point of time that Dr. Chutia Is in wrong profession as many of their patients may ask him about his name.

(3) OMG,, “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar” Is our PM was Doctor at any point of time in past ??

(4) Oh !! “Muth_Mare“, I think this is most bizarre name i find.

(5) Hehe, look at the candidate no. 6 in the list of KBC contestants.

(6) Desi James Bond

(7) You can called him in short form “BC Bhai

(8) Her husband’s name “America”.

(9) His Name in Hindi somehow looks good but in English its totally disastrous.

(10) Desi James Bond-007

(11) Meet the Wholesaler Of Clothing Mr. Gandu Mal Bansi Lal Ji

(12) Boob…what !!

(13) Porn_ika Das,, Kya Naam Hai Bhai

(14) Mr. Boob guide you to invest at right place.
“Boob, The Advisor”

I think you all enjoyed this article on funny and weird Indian names. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below in the comment section. And if you find it hilarious then you can also share it among your friends and make them laughable as well.

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