12+ Toilet Funny Sign Boards Will Make You Mad Of Laugh


Friends we all know that the sign board is a board which bearing a notice or sign. Sign Boards are actually made to indicates/gives information about something to any random person about direction, distance, dangerous areas or some business outlets and many more.

Sign boards are on public places to represent some information to majority of people but having same information with old style representation makes it boring. But its not the case of every place, some sign board creators try to make sign board design in different way. They make it in the way which bound you to take some laugh.

So let’s start and look on these 12+ funny toilet sign boards which we believe will brings smile to your face:

(1) Gossiper Female vs Calm Men

(2) Sign Bored speaks itself, that women are always right.

(3) Dirty Mind Stopped Here For a Moment.

(4) Its sign of Pee, isn’t ??


(5) Bolt-Male and Nut-Female

(6) Indication according to how they perform in Toilet.