Look At These Desi-Style-Superheros, Totally Hilarious & Worth Watching


A Delhi based Art director, Raj Kamal Aich, spends his lots of time to speculate and create new kind of arts and design that’s always entertaining and fun to watch.

Mr. Raj re-creates the superheros from around the world in Indian style. Make all of them an Indian Desi touch, giving them entirely a new look. He showed his love for Indian culture and  took Superheroes around the world in India with the help of art and creativity. By-in-large it’s appreciable.

Friends, painting is the self discovery, all the good artist paint according to what he is or how they see this world.

Note: See these images as fun purpose>>>
Let’s start and look on these Desi-Style-Superheroes which actually fun to watch:

(1) Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics.

(2) Joker

(3) HellBoy is a fictional superhero created by writer-artist Mike Mignola.

(4) Thor is the American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character.

(5) Batman is a fictional character of DC Comics.

(6) Captain America is the fictional character of Marvel Comics.

(7) Super Man (Uncle Ji)

(8) Super Woman (Aunty Ji)

(9) Wonder Woman is the American superhero film based on the DC Comics character.

(10) Flash a lead character of American television series The Flash.

(11) Yoda is the Star Wars franchise character created by George Lucas.

(12) Hulk is the fictional Marvel Comics character.

(13) SpiderMan a Marvel Comics character.

(14) Poison Ivy

(15) Cat Woman published by DC Comics.

(16) Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) by Marvel Comics.

We expect that you all enjoyed this article based on the superheroes which is re-created by Indian artist. Don’t forget to give your opinion/view regarding this in the comment section.

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