You All Should Need To Know Hindi Of These Most Common Things


Friends, as we all know Hindi Day is celebrated every year on September 14.

On September 14,1949 the Constituent Assembly of India decided in one voice that Hindi will be official language of India. From then Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14 September. In the year 1914, On the occasion of “Hindi Sahitya Sammelan” Gandhi Ji stated that he wants to make Hindi the national language of India. Gandhi Ji mentioned Hindi language as a language of peoples of India.

Unfortunately, Hindi could not be declared a national language and even after 70 years of country’s independence, we did not get any one language as the national language. Instead of that there are 22 official languages in India including Hindi. These all 22 languages carry equal official status and used by different states government according to their convenience.

Yes, the official languages of the Union Government of India are Hindi (Devanagari script) and English as mentioned in article 343/1 of the Constitution of India.

After all, Hindi language is spoken by majority of Indians. And that’s why today we have come up with words which almost 80% of Hindi speakers speaks in English. And most of these people do not get the Hindi pronunciation of these words.

So let’s see 11 English words and its Hindi equivalent, which most of you not know: