What Happened When A Woman Slapped An Indian Army Officer!!! Video Is Getting Viral.


How might you respond on the off chance that you see individuals who spend restless evenings on the outskirt to ensure we live gently being slighted? Disappointed and desolate, I presume.

The significant humiliation for a nation is the point at which its guardian angels are offended. Indian Army comprises of the genuine superheroes who remain at the outskirts throughout the day so we can rest gently around evening time. It is not simply by impulse, even our heart and morals can never give us a chance to slight them.

The video I am going to demonstrate you will influence you to scrutinize the ethics we bolster. In the clasp, a woman was caught slapping an Indian armed force officer. Truly, you read it right, an armed force officer. What is significantly more shameful, is that the woman continued admonishing the individual and he didn’t even once endeavor to hit her back.

The video that took adjusts via web-based networking media was seen by various individuals and was additionally connected with numerous remarks.

The video was captured by someone in the car.

And Here The lady slapped an army officer.

Posted by Avii Bhardwaj on 11 સપ્ટેમ્બર 2017

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People respected the army man for not being harsh to the woman even after she slapped him.

Here how they react on this.

A reason to do so…

Not supposed to take the law into her hand

The actual verdict

 A benefit for safe guarding the country?

Has he done something wrong?

It isn’t clear whose fault it is

Officer deserves appreciation


We can live freely in the country


The reason behind this incident is still unknown, but such cases often raise questions of human morals. What do you think?

What do you guys think?


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