B-Town Celebrity Who Have Sharp Business Minds & Successful Entrepreneur


Many of known with the fact that success is the result of hard work, loyalty, perfection and persistence. No one become successful over night, but it requires a continuous efforts.

Today we are going to talk about some famous Bollywood celebrities who are not just a great actors/actress but also a great entertainers but also a successful business leaders. These celebrities are cross the boundary of only acting to the business domains. These business minded celebrities are establishing their own enterprises or establish their role as the investors in other’s great start-ups.

Here we are with 8 famous Bollywood celebrities who are having sharp acting skills and a sharper business minds. We all need to see theirs story and take some lessons from them:

(1) Hrithik Roshan

The smartest and fittest Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan, is not just a film actor but also the owner of a succesful startup company named “HRX“. In year 2013, he launched his own lifestyle brand HRX which mainly sale their products from e-commerce portals and looks to very successful.


Recently in 2017, Hrithik signed a five-year association agreement worth more than 100cr with the “Cure.fit“, Health and wellness startup, here Hrithik will receive an equity stake in the company.

(2) Salman Khan

Salman owns the very popular clothing brand named “Being Human“. He also working with charity trust named “Being Human Foundation” to helps Underprivileged children.


Salman is also a shareholder in the very successful online travel agency company “Yatra.com“. In 2012, Yatra.com announced him as the Brand ambassador of Yatra.com with part of ad-for-equity deal.

Mr. khan also registered the “Being Smart” trademark for smartphones. This venture is not fully functional for now but his management team trying very hard and they are in touch with the some mobile phone manufacturing ventures to produce Android handsets that will cost less than $313 (Rs 20,000).