14 Unseen Just-Before-And-After-Independence Pics Of India


No one can escape from the reality that change is the law of universe. India is gaining their independence from British Raj after a long time of struggle on the ground. Many uncountable freedom fighter sacked their life for being India to be Independent from Britishers. Finally, India was gaining its independence on 15th August, 1947 from British authorities.

Just after the independence, India facing a major change in their geographical structure as dividing into two parts- India & Pakistan. A major population exchange in the history along side of the border between India and Pakistan. The horror and the magnitude of suffering on that time with the people who compelled to leave their house and birth place was unimaginable.

After all, India became Independent after a long history of struggle against Britishers. And finally we are getting stabilize day by day with growing economy, stronger military power and also raising common people life out of the poverty and are on the path of prosperous society and Emerge as the major global powerhouse. Thanks from out hearts to our brave ancestors who fought for the independence of India.

Let’s look at these 14 pictures of the just Before-and-After Independence:

(1) Year 1947:
Mahatama Gandhi and Lord Mountbatten have a dialogue about Indian independence.

(2) June 1947:
Mahatama Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru have some dialogue at a refugee camp in Hardiwar.

(3) September 1946:
Vallabhbhai Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru conferring with Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) at the AICC meeting in Delhi.


(4)  August 8, 1947:
Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya in a political meeting at New Delhi.

(5) February 12, 1947:
Lord Mountbatten was sworn in as the Governor General of India was also served as the first Governor General of independent India.

(6) Year 1946:
Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru at a meeting in Shimla.

(7) January 1948:
C Rajgopalachari and Dr. Rajendra Prasad have a dialogue as Sardar Vallabhai Patel notice them.

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