Artist Made The 15 Naughty Illustrations Out Of Her Own Body Parts That Will Blow Your Mind!!!


Everyone loves an artist because they make things look beautiful and attractive. We love to see artistic things everywhere either in real or on social media.

While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram we find many artistic works and we love their splendid creations.

They are not one of the famous but their work truly deserves some appreciation. Their work is unique in its own way which makes them stand out from the crowd. Every artist has their own individual way of drawing out their ideas.

Recently, we came across an artist on Instagram whose name is Weisstub. By far, her work is the most unique and something that you would have never ever seen before. The artist uses her own body parts for drawing some of her quirky and naughty imaginations.

A look at some of the naughty illustrations by the artist:-

Can you see?

 A panda

Never ever imagined lips in that way