Twitter Reaction On The ‘Right To Privacy Act’ Are Fully Hilarious


On Thursday, A nine-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court ruled, right to privacy as an “intrinsic to life and liberty” and entirely fundamental rights under the Part III of the Constitution of India.

Mostly everyone welcomed this verdict given by Supreme Court of India. And everybody believes that the verdict given by Court is truly historic.

Here, Some Twitter users as usual come up with hilarious and funny reaction on this matter. We will discuss some of them below in this article.

You have to just scroll down and see these funny reactions:

(1) True !!

(2) It means you do not need this job ??

(3) Hahaha Homeless !!

(4) Don’t do this at your home.

(5) What ?? OMG !!

(6) Political Things !!

(7) Aisa Hua Toh Logo Ke Toh Maze Ho Jayenge !!

(8) Very Funny.

(9) Bhai Kanpur Wale Apna Aap Mei Brand Hai.

(10) Good Question !!