“Raymond Man” Vijaypat Singhania Says He Was Blinded By Love For Son: Painful Story


Vijaypat Singhania (78) Once the chairman of leading Garniture group Raymond Ltd. has been recently in news for a quarrel with his son Gautam Singhania, the present chairperson and Managing Director of Raymond Ltd.

File Photo: (Dr. Vijaypat-Singhania & Mr.-Gautam-Singhania)

It’s an week when news reports about ex business tycoon Singhania Sr “Vijaypat Singhania” was published, in which Singhania Sr alleged his son Singhania Jr and said “he is without a house and money due to his son, he also alleged that his son make him destitute For penny of money”. Mr. Vijaypat admitted that giving full control to his son was the biggest mistake of his life. He also advised, “Try to avoid name your entire property to your children living . But now both side seems to ready for a reconciliation.

File Photo: (Vijaypat Gautam-Singhania)

Singhania Sr also told that he was blind in love with his son and made everything he own to him”. But now after so much disputes with son, he want to remove the difference with him. But for reconciliation, he demanded a settlement and said that he own nothing to give. On the other hand, his son Gautam Singhania said in conversation with Mumbai Mirror that he sure about his father that he was seduced for ‘vested interests’ and that’s why he also want to talk with him face to face.

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According to Singhania Jr, he was tried to talk with his father Singhania Sr but unfortunately he denied to talk. Singhania Jr also said that after seeing this condition of his father, he was “sad and upset”.

Mr. Vijaypat said that he will withdraw the case from the court If Gautam swears God Tirupati Balaji. He said that if Gautam came to the court and vowed to keep his hand on the picture of God Tirupati Balaji and said what his father is saying is false, then I will withdraw the case immediately.


Mr. Vijaypat said that he knows that he is taking a big risk by giving this chance but at the same time he also said that Gautam and his faith in Lord Tirupati has great And Gautam can not do any wrong thing in the name of Tirupati Balaji, that is his belief.

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