Do You Always Trust Your Brain: These 12 Mind-Blowing Illusions Proves You Wrong !!


Optical illusion is an illusion caused by the visual appearance. It is something that confuses our brains and make us to look twice, thrice or more to understand. Many of them are Human created but some of them are natural as well. Images that are misleading to our brains and deceptive, falls under optical illusion.

Here, we have bring some Mind-blowing and tricky illusion images. Which have power to make your mind questionable!! It is only the matter of attention, if you look them with proper vigilance them you can cross the barrier of illusion. It depends on individuals that how they seen them.

So let’s get started and see 15 most confusing photos with optical illusion :

(1) How Many Legs Does This Elephant Have ??


Answer: 4 Legs

(2) Are The Pin wheels Moving


Answer: Those Wheels are not turning. It is just the beauty of geometry.

(3) Take a very close look at the 2 vertical lines. Do you think one line is longer than the other ?


Answer: They are the same size! Its hard to believe. So get your ruler to measure the lines and see for yourself.

(4) What do you think ??? These cars are of same size or different !!

Answer: No All Having the same size.

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