Look At The Full Form Of These 15 Famous Brands, Probably You Didn’t Know


Friends, we use a lot of things for our daily needs and for sure they are related to some brand. Often it has been seen that the things people use in their daily life, most of them do not know its full form. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to present full forms of some very selected and most popular brands like: AMUL, MDH MASALA, LG, BMW etc.

So let’s look at the major 16 brands one by one and know about them.


Anand Milk Federation Union Limited was founded in 1946. It is based at Anand in the state of Gujarat, India.


IBM was founded on 16th June 1911. It is a American global technological company based in  New York, USA. It operates in over 150+ countries.


BPL is an Bangalore, Indian based electronics company was founded in 1963. It is known for making health care and electronics equipment.


Delhi Land & Finance was founded in 1946 by Ch. Raghvendra Singh. It is a premier real estate company in India.


NDTV stands for New Delhi Television Limited, founded in 1998.