Modi Govt Scraps 1200 Old Useless Laws, 1824 More Identified For Reconsideration


Prime Minister Modi (then CM of Gujarat) promised during his election campaign in 2014 that, if his government came to the power then they would repeal 10 outdated laws for every new law passed. And his government do exactly the same what he promised during his campaign.


In India, many old and silly laws run with no use. Instead many times they work as hurdle in government working And also make laws very complicated. This complication in-laws most of the time creates delay in judicial processing as the results justice delayed. Modi Government identified these laws as obstacles in smooth administration processing and ease to do business.


In last 65 years, only 1301 Acts removes by respective governments while in last 3 year of Modi government record 1200 unnecessary Acts was scraps. Also, 1824 more outdated Acts identifies for reconsideration.
Modi Government identified many bizarre and weird Acts like…

1) British emperor has right to review decisions of any Indian Courts, A 200-Year-old Act.

2) Under the Indian Aircraft Act 1934, kites were also assumed as Aircraft and you have to obtain a permit before flying your kite.

3) Under the Indian Treasure Trove Act 1878, If you get something worth more than 10 rupees then must tell about it to the revenue officer, otherwise, you can be jailed.

4) According to another one, toll for the boats running in the Ganges can not be more than two ana. Today Ana is no more used currency in India.

Several more such laws were scraps and many more identified for further consideration.

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