Do You Remember “Tare Zameen Par” Boy ! He Grown Up And He Looking Dashing.


Keep in mind the youthful delightful kid in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ who figured out how to take our hearts away as well as made us cry like a one-month-old? Better believe it, I am discussing Darsheel Safary.

That sweet person which won our hearts with his astounding execution as ‘Ishaan’. Presently, he’s altogether grown up and damn, would he say he isn’t good looking?

On the off chance that 12-year-old Darsheel stole your heart than 19-year-old Darsheel will blow your mind.

Simply observe this young fellow and let me know whether I am off-base.

Did You Remember him?


Since a few years since you last saw him.


Debut on Bindaas Channel’s show “Sun Yaar Try Maar”.


He described, “I, too, can go to any extent though I’m not as crazy as Abhay.


 Spotted Studying


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